Host the Exhibition

The physical exhibition is available for purchase. If interested in purchasing the exhibit for your institution or community organization, choose one of the options below and contact us.

Complete Exhibition Package

Full Set of 22 Panels, 4 Theme Banners and 1 Title Banner

Price $7,000

Full Exhibition

Full Set of 22 Panels, One Title Banner

Price $6,000

Abridged Exhibition

14-Panel Set, One Title Banner

Price $5,000

Description of Panels and Banners

Exhibition panels are retractable, printed on uv fabric with a graphic viewable area of 33 x 77″. Each comes with a LED light that clips to the top. The Title Banner is sized at 4 x 6 ft with four grommet mounts on each corner of the banners. Theme Banners are 4 x 4 ft, vinyl, and printed on both sides.

Host an Exhibition

Organizations and institutions interested in hosting the exhibit may contact the organizers at