Scholarly Essays

Sympathy and Restraint: American Views of the Greek Revolution
by Dr. William Antholis

American Publications and the Cause of Greek Independence
by Dr. Jeremy Cox

Through the Eyes of Sailors and Citizens: How Sailors on the USS Constitution Viewed the Greek Revolution
by Elizabeth George Despres

The Greek Vision of America during the Greek War of Independence
by Dr. Konstantinos Diogos

A Meeting of Minds: The Correspondence between Jefferson and Korais
by Dr. Stamatia Dova

Edward Everett: The Cicero of America and Greek Independence
by Dr. Johanna Hanink

Some Observations Concerning American Philanthropic Contributions to Greece’s War of Liberation of 1821
by Dr. Constantine G. Hatzidimitriou

Some Observations Concerning the so-called Orphans that Came to the United States During Greece’s War of National Liberation 1821-1829
by Dr. Constantine G. Hatzidimitriou

Bibliographic Supplement to “Founded on Freedom & Virtue”
by Constantine G. Hatzidimitriou, Ph.D.

Intellectual Preconditions of the Greek Revolution
by Dr. Paschalis M. Kitromilides

Hiram Powers’ Greek Slave and American Abolitionism
by Dr. Margaret Malamud

The Creation of Nation States in the Balkans
by Nicolas C. Nicolaides, Ph.D. candidate, School of Political Science, University of Athens

The Revival of Athens and Sparta in North America: Western Views on Greek Migration to Colonial America during the Age of Reason
by Mr. Menios Papadimitriou, PhD candidate

Washingtonia: An American Refugee Camp in Revolutionary Greece
by Dr. Kostis Kourelis & Dr. David K. Pettegrew

Too Much of a Greek: The American Philhellene George Jarvis
by Dr. David Roessel

American Philhellenic Women and Reform
by Dr. Maureen Santelli

Philhellenes vs. Merchants: Early American Humanitarianism and Commercial Trade
by Dr. Maureen Santelli

Samuel G. Howe in Greece, 1824-1830
by Dr. James W. Trent Jr.

Samuel G. Howe, Reform, and the Abolition of Slavery
by Dr. James W. Trent Jr.