III. “Greek Fire” The Grass Roots Response A. Expression of Public Support for the Greek Cause

A12. Resolution Passed by Citizens of Oughkeepsie

(Robinson, pp. 127-28) January 1, 1824

At a meeting of the citizens of Poughkeepsie held at the Hotel to take into consideration the propriety of aiding the suffering Greeks pursuant to public notice on the first day of January 1824.

General James Tallmade was called to the chair and the Reverend Cornelius C. Cuyler was appointed Secretary.

Whereupon it was resolved that a Committee of Five be appointed to prepare and report to this meeting resolutions expressive of the sense of this meeting in relation to the Greek cause,

Whereupon it was ordered that Ebenezer Nye, Stephen Cleveland, Theodore Allen, Major Bailey and Albert Cochs compose said committee. The Committee reported the following resolutions which after a short and eloquent address by the Reverend C. C. Cuyler on the objects of the Meeting were unanimously adopted.

em>Resolved, that the Greek Nation ought of right to be Free and Independent, and that the People of the United States, preeminently enjoying those blessings ought not to look with indifference at their sufferings.

Resolved, that we view with a lively interest the contest now carried on by the Greek Nation against a barbarous enemy to obtain their Independence and that it is the duty of every freeman living under a free government to aid them in the important struggle.

Resolved, that it is right, just and proper to aid our Christian Brethren of Greece against the cruel and unrelenting Moslems, and that every one who values the Christian Religion woes it to himself and the Great Head of the Christian Church to aid in the Pious Cause.

Resolved, that the Ministers of the Gospel, and the various religious societies in the Country of Dutchess be and they are hereby requested to assemble their several congregations and solicit from them Contributions in aid of the Greek Nation.

Resolved, unanimously that the thanks of this Meeting be given to the Hon. Daniel Webster, Member of Congress from Massachusetts for the high and honorable stand he has taken in favor of the Greek Nation, and that the Chairman and the Secretary of this Meeting transmit to him a copy of these resolutions.

Resolved, that a Committee consisting of nine persons with power to add to their number be appointed to carry into effect the foregoing resolutions, which committee are requested to publish and address to the inhabitants of Dutchess in aid of the Greek Nation.

Whereupon the Chairman by order of the Meeting appointed Ebenezer Nye, Stephen Cleveland, Nathaniel P. Tallmade, Major Bailey, Abraham G. Storm, Albert Cox, Jacob Van Ness, John Brush and John Nelson to compose said Committee.

Resolved, that the proceedings of this Meeting be published in the newspapers printed in this village.

Cas. C. CUYLER Secretary

(Hatzidimitriou 160-162)

Source: Constantine G. Hatzidimitriou, Founded on Freedom and Virtue: Documents Illustrating the Impact in the United States of the Greek War of Independence, 1821-1829 (New Rochelle, New York: Aristide D. Caratzas, 2002).