IV. The “Greek Question” As An Issue of U.S. Foreign Policy

C6. Third National Assembly and Count Capo D'Istrias Thank the People of the United States

May 5, 1827
To His Excellency,
The President of the United States.

In extending a helping hand towards the Old World, and encouraging it in its march to freedom and civilization, the New World covers itself with increased glory, and does honor to humanity.

Greece, Sir, has received with gratitude the signal testimonies of the philanthropic sentiments of the people of North America, as well as its generous assistance. Commissioned to express to Your Excellency the sincere feelings of my nation, I esteem myself happy in being the organ of communication between free communities which, although separate-ed by space, are nevertheless drawn towards one another by the principles of morals, and by whatever is truly beneficial to human society.

I am with respect,

(Signed) S. SISSINIS
President of the Third National Assembly at Greece.
N. SPILIADI, Secretary

June 18, 1827
To His Excellency
The President of the United States.

The President of the General National Congress of my nation has just transmitted to me a letter, addressed to Your Excellency, in which he expresses the sentiments of gratitude with which the liberal conduct of the American nation has filled the nation over which he presides.

I deem myself exceedingly happy in having been selected as the organ of this communication; and I pray God, the Protector of America and Greece, to afford me in the future other opportunities of witnessing the reciprocal sentiments of two nations, to one of which I belong, and offer to the other the sentiments of my admiration and the homage of my gratitude.

I take great pleasure in availing myself of the honor afforded me by this opportunity of presenting to Your Excellency the homage of my own sentiments of profound respect. Your Excellency's most humble and devoted servant,


(Hatzidimitriou 283-284)

Source: Constantine G. Hatzidimitriou, Founded on Freedom and Virtue: Documents Illustrating the Impact in the United States of the Greek War of Independence, 1821-1829 (New Rochelle, New York: Aristide D. Caratzas, 2002).